With a strong parentage to the Hong Leong conglomerate, GuocoLand Group provides a rewarding career, a dynamic work environment, growth and development opportunities for its employees.

Our Corporate Values
  • Human Resource
    To enhance the quality of human resources as the essence of management excellence
    A company is not an organisation. It takes people to transform a company into an organisation. The sum total of the staff is the Group’s strength. Their contribution is the Group's results.
  • Progress
    To improve existing operations and to position for expansion and new opportunities
    Competition is never static. It means we cannot be complacent.
  • Unity
    To ensure oneness in purpose, harmony and friendship in the pursuit of prosperity for all
    Our Group is built upon Teamwork. Teamwork is your unselfish commitment to your colleagues; your understanding of them at times – even most of the time, your genuine sense of involvement and indulgence, and a committed sense of belonging within the Group.
  • Social Responsibility
    To create wealth for the betterment of society
    We should be mindful that we avoid building a Group whose total concentration is to make profit – devoid of human touch and excitement. The Group has long been committed to a policy of social responsibility by striving for the betterment of society and holds strongly the belief that an organisation does not detach itself from its social responsibilities.
  • Quality
    To consistently provide goods and services of the highest quality at competitive prices
    Success is the bequest of hard work. The root cause of prosperity will be our dynamic efforts to sustain the Group to be at the lowest cost and the highest quality.
  • Innovation
    To nurture and be committed to innovation
    The Profit is the essence of Performance. Complacency is the enemy of hard work. Innovation is the difference between Competence and Excellence.
  • Entrepreneurship
    To pursue management vision and foster entrepreneurship
    People say that a business man is born, but we believe that a businessman can be trained. In this Group, from what we have seen through experience, we are convinced that business acumen can be grafted – provided the aggregates of interest, will and conviction exists. 
  • Honour
    To conduct business with honour
    We should not simply just settle for an 'organisation'. We need a shared value to bind us – pride in association, passion in belonging and dignity in all our endeavours.


Career Opportunities

Would you like a job that allows you to shape the landscape of the country? With GuocoLand, you can! We develop properties in Singapore, Malaysia and China. GuocoLand gives you the opportunity to name the properties that we develop, conceptualise development of land parcels and shape the landscape.

In addition, an attractive remuneration package and comprehensive range of benefits, commensurable with qualification and experience, awaits the right candidates.

Visit GuocoLand’s LinkedIn page for career opportunities:

Alternatively, you can send your CVs to us and we will contact you should your qualifications and experience meet our requirements.
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